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Discover how many solutions you can find to improve and help your life.


Struggling with technology? Genio, the Tech Therapist, is here to help. Let him turn your experience with technology into an easy and effortless process.

Who's behind Genio?

GENIO was founded by Alex Gillan, a 29 year old Brazilian entrepreneur with vast experience in the technology industry both in Ireland and abroad. He has been living in Ireland since 2017 and moved to Westport recently where he saw the opportunity to fulfil his dream of helping people. Alex is passionate about his mission to put tech-talk into simple and plain English. He believes everyone has the right to fulfil their needs connecting with technology without compromising their time or getting stressed by small setbacks along the way.

Have you bought a new device and can’t work out how to use it?

All you have to do is book a session with Alex. Do you need advice choosing what to buy (phone/tablet/laptop) or want guidance on how to use apps like Facebook, Instagram and Skype/Zoom? You can have a 30 or 60 minutes session, whether on a phone call, What’s App or booking a meeting in person. 

Genio can improve your WiFi speed, help you activate and understand how to improve Parental Controls on all devices and update the software of your devices. He can basically guide you through any tech problem you may have. 

Do you live in the countryside and your broadband provider is only able to offer you a very low connection and fibre is not available in your street?

It is a very simple problem to solve and it can even save you money. He can sort out a new WiFi system that will be connected to phone towers and all you’ll have to do is pay for a special WiFi device. You would move to a pre-pay plan (usually €20 p/m) with one of Ireland’s phone provider like Three or Vodafone and finally say goodbye to slow speed and overpriced broadband plans.

Why not modernise your home with Alexa/Siri?

Personal assistants like Alexa and Siri came to stay but you are still afraid you won’t be able to work it or choose the wrong model for your needs, don’t worry about it. You can have a quick call and Genio will advise you on that and when you buy it he can even go to your place, set it all up and teach you how to use it.

Are you overwhelmed with the crazy amount of phones, laptops and tablets to choose from?

Alex will ask you a few questions to get to know your needs and then show you the options of devices he’d recommend to you based on your needs and budget.

Book a 30min session with Alex for €30 or €50 per hour and you will get your tech problems solved without the struggle. GENIO "therapy" is also available with a €20 monthly membership plan. Prices for in-person visits are set upon requests depending on distance and what you need to be done.

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